Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not mentioned in the list below please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Registration for phase 2 of ada is open now. All candidates who have registered and supplied documents, will be informed via e-mail if they have a reservation on one of the ada-apartments.

    Yes, you can register for phase 2 of ada.

    No registration or administration costs are applicable.

    The application form for phase 1 is available online. Click on ‘Registration’ on the top right of this website to access the right page.

    Please be aware that besides your application form we also need other documents. You can upload these documents at the same time you submit your registration.

    To rent an apartment in ada you have to meet the income requirements.

    Start your online application on the ada website by clicking “Nu inschrijven” (subscribe now). Register only once, even if you want to rent with a partner. If applicable you can add your partner later in the application process. After the registration closes we’ll start checking all completed applications. According to the income requirements, preferences of apartment, availability, completeness of submitted files and a positive credit check we can assign you to your prefered apartment. If there are more candidates on one apartment the one who prefers a parking lot gets priority.

    All candidates who have registered and supplied documents, will be informed via e-mail if they have a reservation on one of the ada-apartments before the 1th of May.

    You can choose from a rental period of 12 or 24 months. When you sign a 24 months rental contact, you will receive a discount for the first year.:

    • For an apartment bigger than 99m2 you receive a discount of €100 per month.
    • For an apartment smaller than 99m2 you receive a discount of € 35  per month.

    As from the end of the rental period you can terminate the contract with one month notice.
    For example, if you give notice on the 19th of September, the rental agreement ends the 1th of November.

    Yes, besides the monthly fee, service costs are applicable. These are ca. € 85,00 per month.

    These costs cover the costs of usage of all public spaces. For example maintenance of outside area and elevator, cleaning of the entrance, stairs and elevator.

    Besides the rental fee and service costs, you have to consider your individual energy costs, water usage costs and city taxes. The estimated costs of city tax you can find on the website of the Gemeente Amsterdam. The costs for water and energy is calculated upon own usage.

Income requirments

    To rent an ada apartment you have to meet the following income requirements:

    • a gross yearly income (including holiday allowance, fixed bonus) of at least 42 x the monthly rental fee.
    • a second income can be added for 100%

    When you are retired you need to show your annual statement of your pension fund(s) and income declaration from the tax authorities ( D-G form or IB 60) (online via my
    For retirees there is a gross yearly income required of minimum 40 x the monthly rental fee.

    These applications will be evaluated individually.

    It is not alto have any delay in the payment to your current landlord or on the mortgage.

    Income has to be proven by salary slips, an employer’s statement  or financial statement from your accountant or annual statement from the tax authorities.

    Notwithstanding the above, the property manager MVGM Wonen reserves the right to reject a prospective tenant without statement of reason.

    A deposit is only required if:

    • You come from abroad and a credit check is not possible.
    • You have a fixed-term employment agreement.
    • You are still in a fixed term employment agreement.
    • You are self-employed

    It is not possible to share the apartment. We only rent to singles, couples and families.

    No this is not possible.

    The income of the main and co-tenant must be demonstrated with documents.

    Copy of ID, with crossed out/illegible social security number and marked as a copy.

    Extract from the BRP population register, with personal data and historic address details.

    Mortgage or landlord declaration (depending on your current home).

    Model employer’s statement.

    • 3 most recent payslips, with crossed out/illegible social security number
    • Copy or selected bank statement, stating the bank number with your name and salary deposits
    • Copy of the bank card
    • Recent employer’s declaration
    • Income declaration from the tax authorities (D-G form or IB 60) (online via my
    • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce
    • Profit and loss account of the most recent complete financial year (via a recognised administration office)
    • Income declaration from the tax authorities ( D-G form or IB 60)
    • (online via my
    • Annual statement of your pension fund(s)
    • Income declaration from the tax authorities ( D-G form or IB 60)
    • (online via my

    We only work digitally. You can upload your documents in your digital file.
    Make sure you provide clearly legible PDF files.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are less familiar with the digital registration process. We would gladly be of assistance.  

Completion level of the apartment

    The expectation for phase 2 is that the apartments will be ready in November 2019. We will inform all tenants at least 4 weeks in advance about the date of key transfer.

    As this project involves new homes and contractors are currently hard at work at the construction site, there are naturally very strict rules in place where entering the site is concerned. We will be organising open afternoons as soon as this is possible. You decide if you want to rent the apartment from floorplan.

    No rights can be claimed from floorplans, pictures and advertisements.

    The walls will be finished with wallpaper. You can decorate the inside of your apartment according to your own taste. Just consider when you terminate your rental contract the apartment has to be delivered in the original state. It is not allowed to drill in floors and tails.

    You will always find some so-called shrinkage tears in new buildings. This is unavoidable and the tears sometimes won’t appear and become visible for several months after completion. Any required ‘removal’ of these will be the tenant’s responsibility.

    This is not possible. All the apartments will have a luxury modern Sfinx bathroom and a Bruynzeel kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with Siemens appliances. The kitchen and bathroom layout you will find on the floorplan.

    All the apartments will be equipped with a luxury modern bathroom with shower and washing basin. Some apartments also have a bath and/ or second toilet.

    All the apartments are equipped with a high qualified kitchen with Siemens appliances. The layout of the kitchen varies per apartment (as shown on the floorplan)

    The apartments with a garden will have a partly tiled garden.

    The washing machine connection can be found in the apartment’s storage facility.

    All the apartment have floor heating provided by NUON.

    It is permitted to put a laminate floor in the apartments under condition that you use the right (10 DB or higher) subfloor suitable for floor heating. You can not glue the laminate to the floor. Polyurethane or marble floors are not allowed.

    No that is not possible.


    The properties are equipped with mechanical ventilation.

    Each apartment has its own storage facility.

    There is a limited number of parking spaces underneath the building available for rent. The costs of a parking space are € 175,- per month exclusive of service costs. The rental contract is for at least 12 months. Please note Amsterdam will not provide a parking permit to the residents of the ada complex.