The green Amstelkwartier!

On the holy grounds of the old Blooker factory, Amstelkwartier is the brand new neighbourhood in Amsterdam. A new area with new opportunities.

Some people might say a vibrant city life and calm, spacious and green living can’t be combined in the hectic city of Amsterdam. The Amstelkwartier area begs to differ. This newly developed neighbourhood has the Amstel, city centre, parks, recreation and exit roads of Amsterdam all situated nearby, while the area itself combines the trendy with the traditional, and sports with relaxation.

However, the Amstelkwartier is more than the places you can go or the activities you can do. It’s about the people and the new way of living it offers for the citizens of Amsterdam. With the return of a sense of optimism and community, the Amstelkwartier lets Amsterdam be Amsterdam again.

Check out the map below and explore all the go-to places this area has to offer.

A beautiful mess
Amstel boathouse
Amstel park
Amstel station
Café Riva
Café vrijdag
George Marina
Mobilis Crossfit
Puremarkt Frankendael Park
RIC Roeivereniging
Sportspark Drieburg
Thuis aan de Amstel
George Marnia