Ada en Marjolein join forces!

7 December 2017

Curious where we got all those amazing photographs on our website? None other than the talented Marjolein van der Klaauw went on an adventure with us. The result is a fascinating insight in what life is really like on the Amstelkwartier.

Marjolein van der Klaauw looks at the world a little differently than you and I do. With astonishment and curiosity she takes it all in: the streets, the buildings, nature and the people. Het photography is a documentary on life. Real images telling real stories.

In recent years she has gained quite a bit of acclaim with her unique style. Especially her project ‘Beach Bodies’ was received well with expositions in Amsterdam, London and Berlin. A few months ago she was also selected as one of the talents of &C magazine.

For ada, Marjolein went criss-cross through the neighbourhood and got acquainted with the Amstelkwartier. A match made in heaven. Marjolein discovered and soaked in the life in the neighbourhood and portrayed it in her characteristic way. The photographs on the website are just a small fraction of all the material. Keep your eyes on the website and our social channels for new images to come.

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