7 December 2017

Once it was a no man’s land. But for some time now people have been building and developing on one of the most ambitious and exciting building projects of Amsterdam. What does the future hold for the Amstelkwartier?

A couple of years ago the Amstelkwartier only consisted of a rowing-club, a tile merchant, Weinholt marina and a couple of houseboats. In the mean time, the Amstelkwartier is well on its way to become one of the most sought-after places to live in Amsterdam.

Many building projects, one of them being ada, are currently being developed and will finish in years to come. These are all still part of the first phase of the Amstelkwartier. The neighbourhood will expand further towards the Duivendrechtsevaart, as phase two kicks in. This will begin with the development of more living space on the east side of the new park. Moreover, a new bridge will be build across the canal, connecting the Spaklerweg to the Joan Muyskenweg.

Eye-catcher of the area will be the old water tower. Since it was build in 1911 on the Zuidergasfabriek premise, it’s always been rather isolated on a closed off terrain. Slowly however, it’s becoming the key spot of the new Amstelkwartier. As the middle point of the new park Somerlust, it will be used for recreational purposes, and become the meeting place for everyone in the area.