Pure Markt by pure people

7 December 2017

Who doesn’t love authentic and delicious food combined with a cosy market atmosphere? Soon, the travelling Pure Markt will plant their flag once again at Park Frankendael, for a number of Sundays.

Where does our food come from? And how is it made? These questions of concern are key for the travelling Pure Markt. Here you’ll find pure products, sold by the producers themselves. In a cosy and authentic atmosphere they’ll inform you on the ingredients, origin and production process of all that is for sale.

Starting as a small venture on the Dappermarkt, Pure Markt quickly grew into a concept that expanded to various locations across Amsterdam, in order to reach a larger audience. One of these locations is the romantic Park Frankendael, just a few blocks away from ada.

On the market you’ll find more than 90 small-scaled producers of various foods and drinks. However, Pure Markt is not only about consumption. It’s an experience where people come together to enjoy music, theatre and each other’s company. Moreover, the kids can enjoy the playground or take a spin in the best giant stride of The Netherlands.

On the 26th of November and the 17th of December, the Pure Markt will be located at Park Frankendael again. Don’t miss it!